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Goa Board Game


A bastian of Portuguese colonialism, Goa was a crucial link in the trade routes between the Far East and old Europe. The game by the same name allows players to attempt to build the most successful Portuguese trading company on the coast of India.

Players must make sound investments and manage their limited resources in the most effective manner in order to prosper. With prosperity comes victory points, and the player with the most victory points at the end of the game is declared the winner.

Goa is definitely a gamer's game--it is complex and a little daunting, but offers great strategic depth. One of the factors that make Goa enjoyable is that players can pursue multiple paths to victory.

Although the game is short on interaction, and can suffer from slow moments as players analyze their options, it keeps your attention as you plot your next series of moves. If you're a serious gamer, Goa will satisfy your desire for a new game with a heavy strategic component.