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Tzaar, the latest installment in the Gipf series of games, is an instant classic. It is refreshing to add another creative game to the ranks of "light" two-player abstract strategy games such as checkers. However, Tzaar is so much more interesting to play than checkers that it's really unfair to make a comparison.

Tzaar is a nice combination of checkers and chess. Quicker than a chess game, yet more complex and interesting than checkers.

For one thing, Tzaar can never get into a stalemate situation—the rules for victory ensure that the game will end after a certain number of moves, if not before. Also, Tzaar has multiple paths to victory, providing a more thought-provoking gaming experience.

The randomness of the initial game setup makes every game of Tzaar different. Finally, the nature of Tzaar is such that you are less likely to get stuck in analysis paralysis than when playing a game like Checkers or Chess (though paralysis is possible with any game if the right people are playing it).

Players have three different types of tokens, each occupying an intersection of lines along a six-sided board. Tokens move along these lines to intersections where another token resides. If the token is your own, you stack them, creating a more powerful token. If the token is your opponent's, and is less- or equally-powerful, you capture it.

Each turn in Tzaar consists of two moves, a mandatory capture move and an optional second move that can either be a capture or a stacking move. Capturing all your opponent's tokens of any type ends the game, as does failure to capture a token during the first mandatory capture move of your turn.

Tzaar will delight young and old players with its layered strategies, interesting move possibilities, and subtleties. We are willing to bet that you can't play just one game of Tzaar at a sitting. We highly recommend adding Tzaar to your game library and have awarded it our Best 2-Player Board Game award for 2008.

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